About Us

Anita Kaur was created with the desire to offer affordable statement jewellery inspired by my cultural upbringing and passion for travel. Anita Kaur was inspired by all the strong females in my life, with the main inspiration stemming from my grandmother, who was more often referred to as 'Sheranee', the Punjabi word meaning Lioness.


My Nani was a fierce immigrant from India, who sadly was widowed in her 30s and raised four children under the age of 12 in England alone. She worked hard to give her children a life she dreamt of for them, but she was not defined by her experiences. Her life was full of laughter and joy, and dancing occurred in almost every situation I can remember. My Nani did everything with unconditional love and absolute adoration. That same fire and spirit is instilled in my mum and aunts, who share the same strength, courage and love for life as my Nani and they empower me every day to push myself and enjoy life to the fullest. 

My logo symbolises what the word Sheranee means to me, strength; courage; elegance; power; warrior; confidence - all feelings I want you to feel whilst wearing my jewellery.

But, more importantly my brand has one aspiration, to help encourage women to feel empowered and embrace their own self-confidence.